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NO reserves, NO buyer's premium, NO bidding fees, and NO sales tax on all Jones & Horan auctions!
Online Auctions:

HOW TO REGISTER THE FIRST TIME IN HI-BID, the online bidding platform we use:

Go to our current auction at:
https://jones-horan.hibid.com/auctions Click “LogIn/New Bidder” towards the top right of the page. A box will pop up. Select the button that reads "Click Here If You Are A New Bidder". Follow the prompts to set up your account, which includes entering your e-mail address, and then your name, address, phone , etc. including your User Name and Password. Keep your User Name and Password in a safe place so that you can always access your account.

Please note that there is a setting in the program that will hide your name from others when bidding. If you DON'T want people to know and would rather be anonymous, check the box during registration that says " Hide Username From Public". (You can always go back into your account later and check this box if you missed it the first time.)

When you select an auction to look at, you will need to register for each new auction by clicking the “Register to Bid” button. It will ask you to enter your User Name and Password. The system will prompt you to do this if you attempt to make a bid without first registering for that particular auction, and if you are attempting to bid in the very last seconds, it most likely will mean you will not make the bid in time, so in that case, registering for the auction first is extremely important.

BIDDING ISSUE NOTE: When placing a bid, please note that EVEN IF the bid is accepted, it does not necessarily mean you are now the high bidder. (Another bidder may have previously bid higher than your current bid, so he/she is the high bidder.) The box will turn green if you are the winning bidder or red if you are not the winning bidder.

Click Here to Bid in our Current ONLINE-ONLY Auction if one is open for bidding.

You may bid the next bid increment on any lot, or you may place a bid for as high as you wish to bid. The system will bid on your behalf only enough to outbid the next highest bidder. You will be bid up to your high bid only if needed to outbid all others. No one will be able to see what your high bid is, unless you get bid up to that amount.

If you wish to lower or delete a bid, please contact our office at auctions@jones-horan.com or (603) 623-5314 (during business hours).
Only the auctioneer can delete or lower a bid. This prevents abuse of the system.

Deadline: Up until the closing date time and time of the current ONLINE-ONLY auction.
Lot 1 closes at 1 pm EST sharp, and all lots follow thereafter with 30 seconds between each, in timed auction style. We do not use "soft close." All lots will end exactly 30 seconds apart.

BIDDING DURING THE FINAL MOMENTS (ALSO KNOWN AS SNIPING): Make sure to click on the LIVE CATALOG button to access a special tile-based view that becomes available when the first lot of an auction is within 30 minutes of closing. The tiles are "live" meaning that they are receiving real-time updates. A countdown is displayed for each lot, new bids & bid amounts get updated, the bidder's status updates (winning in green/losing in red), and all occurs without any manual refreshing. PLEASE SEE SCREENSHOTS, BELOW, TO SEE WHAT THIS LOOKS LIKE:

Here you can see the Live Catalog button on a COMPUTER. (It is normally flashing but this is just a screenshot). It is a blue flashing button next to the usual "View Catalog" black button:

Here you can see the Live Catalog button on a MOBILE OR CELL PHONE (it is normally flashing but this is just a screenshot). It is a blue flashing button towards the top of the screen:

Here you can see what the Live Catalog looks like on a COMPUTER:

And how the Live Catalog looks on a MOBILE OR CELL PHONE:

And as you scroll down the Live Catalog on a MOBILE OR CELL PHONE:


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