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The year 2023 set records at Jones & Horan for the sheer amount of consignments that poured in, especially in the springtime. Vintage watches continue to capture people's special attention, and we were very pleased with our coin consignors and bidders.
We were excited to attend the NAWCC mid-winter regional in Florida in late January as well as the NAWCC Convention in July in Lancaster, PA. We also attended an EBW Promotions, LLC Coin Show in Manchester, NH and met many collectors from this area.

Most importantly, we continue to enjoy friendships and exchanges of information with all of our clients and friends, whether seasoned collectors or those who are new to the hobby.

As 2023 draws to a close, we have asked our staff to select their favorite lot from the past year.

Here are the chosen ones:

Owner and auctioneer,
George Jones, chose this stunning Oriental gem-set brooch. George truly enjoys unique, well-made jewelry. He tells us he chose this piece because it has "a beautiful face and fantastic arrangement of jewels."
It hammered at $3,800 in our fall live-close auction on September 23, 2023.

The full description with photos can be found by clicking here.

Patty Jones’ favorite is Lot 37 from our September 23, 2023 Live-Close Webcast Auction, a Madonna & Child religious medal in 14K gold by Ruser of Beverly Hills which garnered $1,700. Patty said, “I love the work of art that William Ruser created out of gold and sapphires in this depiction of the Madonna and Child.”

More photos and full description can be seen by clicking here.

Auctioneer/chief operating officer
Diana Dickinson chose the Glashütte Original Panomatic Lunar automatic wristwatch from the May live-close auction. She states: "Normally I like symmetry and I don't find things that are off-center appealing, but every time I see one of these German watches, I fall in love with its aesthetic. It is stunning. Besides, I have always been crazy for a nice moonphase watch!"

The watch sold as Lot 108 in our May 7, 2023 Live-Close Auction for $6,200 and can be viewed by clicking here.

Pocket watch specialist,
Fred Hansen, picked lot 135 from our fall Live-Close Auction, the Cartier platinum, enamel, and diamond dress watch. Fred states, "The watch has a terrific Art Deco style which ties in beautifully with its provenance that traces back to its original owner who was a renowned architect of Art Deco style skyscrapers in New York City in the 1920s. Such a wonderful combination of watch and history - as my two-year old-son, Mason, would say - it's just 'too much good!'"

This watch realized $11,000, well over estimates. Click here to view Fred’s full original catalog description, as well as our photos.

Our wristwatch specialist, Tyler St. Gelais, surprises us all sometimes by choosing a pocket watch as his favorite of the year, although we all well know he has a special love for Breguet. This year he chose the Breguet quarter-hour repeater with notable provenance, as this watch was sold to Colonel Jenkinson in 1815 for the sum of 1400 Francs. We believe this individual to be Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool, who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1812 to 1827. Tyler says, "What’s not to love? It’s a Breguet made during the master’s lifetime and originally sold during the Napoleonic era to the British prime minister. Truly a piece of history to keep in your vest pocket."

Hammering at $27,000, full photos, description, and more history of this watch (lot 144 in our May 7, 2023 live-close auction) can be found by clicking here.

Ryan Fields chose Lot 151 from the May 7, 2023 Live-Close Auction, a very impressive Girard Perregaux tandem-winding minute repeater grande sonnerie clockwatch in original heavy 18K gold hunting case. Ryan said this watch is memorable to him because of the perched eagle with outstretched wings, and he appreciates its quality, especially with it having a strike train that is jeweled to the hammers.
This watch with eagle SOARED over estimates to bring $22,000, well over its $8,000-15,000 estimate!

Full details, as well as Ryan's photos, can be seen by clicking here!

Associate pocket watch cataloger,
Amanda Kelly, has chosen lot 79 from our December 7th Holiday Spectacular auction, the Tiffany & Co 18K pendant watch with exceptional dial. Amanda explains, "This little watch has to have the most gorgeous dial I’ve ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on here at Jones & Horan. The dial center is the rose window pattern, often found on the stained-glass windows of many churches, an aesthetic I am always fond of. The rear detail is also pleasing to the eye with a fancy pattern that shows very sharply. To make this piece a trifecta, its movement is of a higher quality, having 20-21 jewels and wolf’s tooth winding.

This watch realized $3,400, and the full write-up and photos can be seen by clicking here.

Amanda goes on to say, "I must add an honorable mention as this next piece had me stumped on which to pick. It came down to the condition where unfortunately, this piece had a portion of its beautiful enamel missing. From our May 7th Spring Live-Close Auction, Lot 317, the Amalric Frères, 18K & enamel lyre-form watch must be mentioned for its intricate details and unusual form which even included a window to observe the balance wheel movement."

Hammering at $2,600, full information on Amanda's runner up can be seen by clicking here.

Marc Bourque
, our festive IT manager (don’t let his “bah, humbug” fool you!), picked lot 56 from our 9th Annual Holiday Spectacular online auction on December 7, 2023, the singing bird box. He said: "I love it because it is so unusual and fun to watch and listen to!”

This lot realized $1,600, and the full writeup with video can be observed by clicking here!

Receptionist, video creator, assistant photographer and cataloger,
Courtney St. Gelais, chose lot 7 which garnered $2,800. She explains: "My favorite item this year was Lot 7, the squirrel-form bracelet in platinum & 14K by Ruser which was in our 9th Annual Holiday Spectacular. Such a whimsical piece, with two diamond front teeth and a large citrine for its nut, this is one of the oddest and cutest pieces of jewelry I have ever seen!”

Check out the full write-up and all photos of this lot by clicking here!

Associate pocket watch specialist from afar,
Steven Humphrey, chose Lot 261 in our December 7, 2023 Holiday online auction. He struggles with choosing only one, and he explains his final, but difficult choice: "Always a tough decision. So many fabulous watches. There was another very fine Albert Potter watch this year that was almost irresistible. But I picked a Potter last year. This year I'm going with the far more pedestrian looking Dent keyless pocket chronometer. I sort of like its purpose made replacement case. It speaks to its history. I also appreciate that it's very understated, yet a very fine watch under the hood. And I'm a big fan of odd winding systems or other developmental mechanics and oddities."

Realizing $1,600, the full write-up as well as all photographs, can be seen by clicking here!

Our new graphic designer/office assistant, Jack Betelak, admires lot 201 in our December 7, 2023 holiday auction, a Hamilton Flight II wristwatch that hammered at $850. Jack tells us, "The case design typifies the creativity and ambition of designer, Richard Arbib's vision. And I can't help but think about the In and Out logo when I see it."

Take a look at this watch’s full write up and photographs by clicking here.

Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
Happy New Year!

We have seen many beautiful, unusual, and/or rare things this past year and learned so much in our research and from our clients.

We thank you all for your attention, information, bids, consignments, and kindnesses, and we look forward in eager anticipation to 2024!

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