Mvt only - Elgin, Father Time w/Gilt Hairspring - JH48317

Mvt: Running, excellent cosmetic mvt condition overall, bright lustrous surfaces, scattered small bits of oxide to winding wheels and click, some typical mild fine to micro-fine scratches, case screws are mismatched; dial with outer chapter hls and fractures including a group between 11 and 12; excellent hands.

PW mvt only - Elgin, Father Time w/gilt hairspring, Grade 389, 21J, 18S, OF model mvt, white enamel DS dial, SW-LS, fully capped lever escapement, nickel damascene, s#15833836. This movement has the attractive and fairly scarce feature of a gold-plated hairspring and hairspring stud, which was termed "gilt hairspring" by Elgin and was an optional upgrade offered in this era among some of their better quality 16 and 18 size grades for purposes of corrosion resistance. In our experience 18 size examples with this feature appear to be scarcer than 16 size.

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Mvt only - Elgin, Father Time w/Gilt Hairspring - JH48317Mvt only - Elgin, Father Time w/Gilt Hairspring - JH48317
Mvt only - Elgin, Father Time w/Gilt Hairspring - JH48317
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