Agassiz, 41mm case diameter, 14K gold – JH24780


DESCRIPTION:  Agassiz, 41mm case diameter, 14K drum style original HC with gold cuvette, case is engraved on cuvette with “In memory of Brother Aquilla” and on front lid with “BRE” initial monogram, SW-LS, WE-SS impressed dial, lever escapement, 15J, NI damascene, s#8263.  Gross weight of assembled watch 44.6 dwt (69.3 g).

CONDITION:  Mvt: Struggling to tick very sluggishly on full wind and stopping often, OH needed, excellent mvt condition overall;  dial with scattered hls, small edge chip outside 4; excellent hands; case shows little wear, typical MFS, dent at lower part of rear, very shallow mild crease type dent at right center rear, engraving detail strong; tight bow, crown shows little wear; good glass crystal.

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