“Watchfulness Horology & Jewelry”

August 10-17 *This auction has ended. You may view prices realized.

This great auction contained 140 lots.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW PRICES REALIZED!  Bidding closed August 17th.

Wristwatches include a Tourneau made by Waldan International automatic triple calendar triple register chronograph with moon phase, Movado Sub-Sea triple register chronograph, Croton Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver, Omega Prestige ref 125.0050, H Moser & Cie in gunmetal, H Moser & Cie in nickel, Longines trench watch, Elgin USA, Girard Perregaux Sea Hawk, and more!

American pocket watches are led by a Seth Thomas Maiden Lane 25J in 14K gold case, followed by Ball Hamilton 998 Elinvar 23J, Elgin in heavy 14K, Waltham PS Bartlett model 1877 in heavy 14K, Elgin in 14K gold, Ball Illinois 23J, Howard Keystone Series 0 23J with ruby banking pins, Hamilton Grade 922 23J in 18K white gold, Ball Hamilton Grade 998 Elinvar 23J, Waltham pendant watch in 14K box hinge multicolor, Ball Hamilton Grade 998 Elinvar 23J, Waltham Grade 225 in 14K gold, two different Waltham 23J Vanguard with winding indicators, Hamilton Grade 904 21J in 14K, Hamilton 950B 23J with Hamilton flip top plastic box, Hamilton Grade 938, Hamilton Grade 4992B 22J sweep seconds military timepiece in silver, Ball Hamilton Grade 999B 21J, Hamilton Grade 2974B US Navy comparing watch, and many more!

Nearly 20 Illinois pocket watches are in this sale, including:
Illinois, Bunn Special 24J
Illinois, Bunn Special Grade 163 (type I) 23J, 60 hour
Illinois, Bunn Special 24J, with original but refinished Ferguson dial
Illinois, Bunn Special 23J 60 Hour
Illinois, Sangamo Special 23J, unmarked 60 Hour
Illinois, S T Little & Sons Cumberland MD, Bunn grade
Illinois, Bunn Special 161A, 21J 60 hour
Illinois, Sangamo Special 23J
Illinois, American Star 21J, scarce marking

Also in the sale are a Hamilton, Model 22 deck watch with winding indicator, bearing “US Navy-Bu Ships-1942” plate marking; Hamilton, Model 22 deck watch with winding indicator, bearing “US Navy-Bu Ships-1943” plate marking; and Hamilton, Grade 4992B, 22J, sweep seconds military timepiece in fitted wooden display box.

European pocket watch highlights include a Swiss high grade chronograph with 30 minute register in 18K gold, Omega in heavy 18K, Longines in 18K gold with cuvette engraved “John Maclay Kilmacolm Scotland,” CH Meylan in 14K gold, Vacheron & Constantin in 14K, Arnex modern 5 minute repeater, Agassiz in 14K, and more!

Some sweet ladies’ pendant watches include a French verge in 18K gold & cobalt enamel; Blondel & Melly à Genève in 18K gold & enamel; Auguste Lavallete, Locle, in 18K gold & enamel; Swiss late 18th century, fusee in 18K gold & enamel; Longines (unsigned) in 14K gold & enamel; Caillot, Place Dauphine (Paris), fusee in 18K gold & black enamel; and more!

A selection of fine jewelry includes diamond and platinum stud earrings, ornate diamond solitaire red gold ring, diamond and 14K two-tone dangle hoop earrings, diamond and 14K fashion band, 14K white gold custom diamond ring with the name “Tom” in diamonds, diamond and 14K white gold bypass-style ring, diamond and 14K white gold ring, black tourmaline quartz diamond and 14K dangle pendant with 14K chain, 18K white gold filigree and diamond pendant with 14K white gold chain, and several jewelry lots containing multiple pieces.

A few pocket watch parts include a Gruen Watch Co 14K gold OF case only with gold cuvette and two different Peoria signed “Non-Magnetic Watch Co of America” movements only.  Also included are over 30 lots of multiple pocket watches and several lots of multiple wristwatches.