The Fascinating Collection of Mack Davis

August 24-31

This exclusive online-only auction will feature timepieces from the collection of Mack Davis.  No other consignors are included.

Mack’s obsession with watches began while serving in the army, stationed in Germany. In Salzburg, at an “Old Watch Maker” shop, the German name of which has been forgotten, a watchmaker took Mack under his wing and taught him how to fix pocket watches. To say Mack “enjoyed” it is an understatement. He became consumed with the hobby, constantly looking at and repairing watches and clocks. His wife, Jeanne, calls Mack “a collector at heart.” Even their grandson, now 8 years old, has become fascinated with timepieces. The love of them has permeated the Davis’ lives. Mack had been looking forward to retiring and giving himself completely to watch repair, but unfortunately has become disabled, cannot walk and has a paralyzed arm.   That is the reason he is selling his collection, so that others may benefit from them and share his passion.

This auction will include American pocket watches (many in original or associated boxes), European pocket watches, wristwatches, and other horological items.

More information will be added as this auction date approaches!