“The Fascinating Collection of Mack Davis”

August 24-31

This exclusive online-only auction will feature timepieces from the collection of Mack Davis.  No other consignors are included.  This is an auction not to be missed!


Mack’s obsession with watches began while serving in the army, stationed in Germany. In Salzburg, at an “Old Watch Maker” shop, the German name of which has been forgotten, a watchmaker took Mack under his wing and taught him how to fix pocket watches. To say Mack “enjoyed” it is an understatement. He became consumed with the hobby, constantly looking at and repairing watches and clocks. His wife, Jeanne, calls Mack “a collector at heart.” Even their grandson, now 8 years old, has become fascinated with timepieces. The love of them has permeated the Davis’ lives. Mack had been looking forward to retiring and giving himself completely to watch repair, but unfortunately has become disabled, cannot walk and has a paralyzed arm.   That is the reason he is selling his collection, so that others may benefit from them and share his passion.

This auction of TWO HUNDRED LOTS will include American pocket watches (many in original or associated boxes), European pocket watches, wristwatches, and other horological items.  There are many unusual or rare items included.  This auction is a lot of fun!


Illinois Pennsylvania Special 24J hunting case version, 14K
Illinois, Bunn Special 163A, 23J 60 Hour, in desirable two-tone GF original Bunn Special Model 206 case
Ball Illinois, Official RR Standard 23J
E Howard & Co, Series II, silver case, s#2601
E Howard & Co, Boston, Series III, in heavy 18K original case
Elgin, Veritas 21J, Grade 270, in heavy 14K
Hamilton, Mermod & Jaccard’s Paragon Time-Keeper 21J, Grade 943, scarce and desirable high grade private label with Jaccard’s distinctive hourglass logo on dial and mvt
Ball Waltham 19J in 14K
Howard Keystone, Series 0 23J, 16S, 14K, a parting gift from co-workers at the Michigan Central Railroad to Malcolm C Cleveland on his departure for a position as special engineer for the vice-president of the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
E Howard & Co, Series VII, heavy 14K
Illinois, Sangamo 23J, heavy 14K
Aurora, top quality grade with unusual two-tone damascene
Waltham, Vanguard 21J with winding indicator, Model 1892
Rockford, Grade 655 21J with winding indicator
Illinois, Bunn Special 21J, in 14K
Hamilton, scarce 946 Extra, 23J
Illinois, Bunn Special 21J with scarce gilt damascene
Howard Keystone, Series 0 23J, 14K
Hamilton, Mermod & Jaccard’s Paragon Time-Keeper, hard to find 17J version
Ball Hamilton, Official B of LF & E Standard marked on mvt only
Illinois, Bunn Special 21J 60 Hour with original box and tag
Hamilton, Grade 992B 21J with original boxes including scarce red colored plastic box
Seth Thomas, rare 23J
Illinois, Sangamo Special 23J unmarked 60 hour
Hamilton, Grade 992B 21J with original boxes including scarce black colored plastic box
Hamilton, Grade 950 23J with original box
South Bend, The Studebaker 21J, Grade 229
Illinois, rare Grade 181 21J hunting case version
Illinois, Bunn Special 24J
Illinois, Bunn Special 21J 60 Hour with original boxes
Illinois, Bunn Special 161A, Type IIB variant, 21J 60 Hour
Hamilton, Grade 936 serial #971
Elgin, BW Raymond 21J with original box and inserts
Hamilton, Grade 992B 21J with original boxes
Rockford, Grade 665 with winding indicator
Waltham, Riverside, Model 1888, 14K
Hamilton, Grade 992B 21J with original boxes including scarce blue colored plastic box
Illinois, Sangamo 23J with rare Sangamo signed case
Illinois, Bunn Special 21J with scarce gilt damascene
Illinois, Bunn Special 23J with scarce black lettering on mvt
Illinois, Bunn Special 23J with less common red lettering on mvt
Ball Waltham, Official ORC Standard, Order of Railway Conductors
Hamilton, Grade 4992B 22J, Navigation Master Watch in silver
Hamilton, Grade 992 21J, Engineer Corps USA No. 545 marked dial
Hamilton, Grade 950 first run
Ingraham in case marked “Byrd’s Expedition to Little America” and engraved with terrificly detailed Antarctic exploration image
Ingraham in case marked “Trail Blazer Commemorating Byrd’s Antarctic Expedition,” comes with “Wings Over the Pole” compass fob and with Byrd commemorative medals
Columbus, Columbus King 21J
H Gaskings, New York
Elgin, Convertible with rare black enamel dial


Many more American pocket watches (than what we have listed here) also have their original boxes, papers, and/or tags.


Patek Philippe in very heavy 14K original case
Patek Philippe in 18K OF original case
Patek Philippe in 18K original OF case
Giles Wales & Co, Chaux De Fonds, high grade, in heavy 18K
CL Guinand, Locle, split-seconds chronograph in 14K
Agassiz, Geneva, US Navy Bureau of Aeronautics military chronograph
M J Tobias & Co, in 18K
Swiss quarter hour repeater in gunmetal
Ulysse Nardin, Corps of Engineers USA, in silver
Longines, 18K gold

Hamilton deck watch, Model 22 with winding indicator, “US Navy-Bu Ships-1942” plate marking
Hamilton, Model 22 deck watch with winding indicator, “US Navy-Bu Ships-1942” plate marking (yes, there are two!)
Longines, deck watch with winding indicator
Waltham, 8-day marine chronometer with winding indicator, going-barrel

Hamilton, Otis model reverso
Hamilton, Pacer Electric
Bulova, Accutron Day-Date asymmetric
Hamilton, Electric Regulus
Bulova, Accutron Spaceview
Bulova, Accutron Day-Date
Paul Ditisheim, Bailey Banks and Biddle contract markings on dial and mvt, in 14K gold
Hamilton, Reissue of Piping Rock 1928 Yankee’s World Series
Hopalong Cassidy character watch in New Old Stock condition, includes original box, saddle and warranty card

Lot (5) Military instrument panel clocks in black hard plastic cases
Hamilton, AN 5741-1, 8 Day Elapsed Time military clock with chronograph and date functions

Mvt lot (12) Howard and related
Lot (3) Brass deck watch tubs
A couple lots of pocket watch cases
Dial lots
Hamilton Model 21 Chronometer outer box only
Lot (31) diverse pocket watch chains
35 lots of multiple wristwatches or pocket watches