“Time is Money Watches & Coins”

June 29 - July 6

This auction contains 140 lots for your pleasure.

European pocket watches steal the show, and here’s a listing of just a few highlights:
Joseph Johnson, Liverpool, lever fusee in rare 18K yellow gold Durand Carter & Co original cabriolet case
Le Phare, minute repeater, in 18K gold and enamel
Thos Russell & Son, Liverpool & London, keyless going barrel lever with hacking feature, in 18K
Swiss, minute repeater, in beautifully detailed 18K gold original HC
A Lange & Söhne, Glashütte, Deutsche Uhrenfabrikation, quality 2a, 52mm, in 14K rose gold
Tiffany & Co, split-seconds chronograph by Agassiz, in 18K
Swiss, former minute repeater now chiming only hours and quarters, in 18K original case
Jules Jurgensen, Copenhagen, in 18K rose gold
Swiss, split-seconds chronograph with minute recorder, in 14K rose gold
Swiss, quarter repeating chronograph, in 14K rose gold
Jules Jurgensen, Copenhagen, in 18K
Swiss, quarter repeating chronograph
Swiss, unsigned, in 18K gold and black enamel
Perret & Cie, Genève, in 14K rose gold
Swiss, erotic automaton, the figures under back cover moving with winding
…and so much more!

American pocket watches include the following:
E Howard & Co, Boston, series III, in 18K HC
Hampden, John C Dueber, in heavy 14K
Elgin, Father Time, in 14K multicolor gold
Illinois, Bunn Special, grade 163A Elinvar type IIP, 60 hour
Illinois, Bunn Special, grade 161A Elinvar, 60 hour
Illinois, Bunn Special, 60 hour, 16S, in scarce two-tone GF original “Bunn Special Model #173” case
Elgin 23J Veritas with winding indicator
Two different Illinois “24 Ruby Jewels” Bunn Special
E Howard & Co, Boston, series I
Waltham, Vanguard with winding indicator
United States Watch Co, Marion, J W Deacon, in low karat gold
Elgin, Father Time with Up/Down Indicator
Hamilton, GCT (Greenwich Civil Time), grade 4992B, officer’s model in .800 silver
Columbus, “Railroad Regulator”
Two different Ball Hamilton, grade 999B
Waltham 23J Vanguard with winding indicator
Waltham, model 1894, 12S, in 14K
Waltham, model 1883, in multicolor GF case
Illinois, Sangamo Special
Hamilton, GCT, grade 4992B
Illinois, Bunn Special, model 9 with red lettering
Hamilton, grade 944
…and so many more, including some pendant watches in gold and silver.

Wristwatch highlights include:
Croton Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver, manual chronograph
Waltham, HC Riverside mvt placed in scarce gold trench watch case with offset pendant
Chronograph Suisse, in 18K gold
Omega automatic, “Conoco” logo dial
Longines, in 14K white gold
Vulcain Cricket, manual alarm
Omega Seamaster Deville
Omega Automatic
…and more!!

14 lots of COINS include:
Coin lot (50) Morgan Silver Dollars
Lot (2) 1773 Virginia Halfpennies
Coin lot (46) Peace Silver Dollars
1889CC Morgan Dollar
Lot (2) 1783 Nova Constellatio Coppers
1916-D Dime
1909S VDB Lincoln Penny
Coin lot (4) Early Half Dollars
…and more!

A few parts lots include a 14K EH&Co hunter case only, American KWKS 18S coin silver hunter case only, and an independent jumping fifth-seconds 2-train mvt only.

Chains and fobs lots include a lot of three 14K pocket watch chains, a 14K rose gold pocket watch chain with T-bar, a lot of 11 Victorian watch chains and fobs, and more.

The auction concludes with over 30 lots of multiple pocket watches, including some valuable ones, such as the following:
PW lot (8) Waltham, 12S, all 14K gold cases
PW lot (6) Elgin, 12S, 14K gold cases
PW lot (5) Howard Keystone, 10S, 14K white gold Howard signed cases

….and so many more!