First Annual “Christmas in July” Online Auction

July 13-20

This auction will feature excellent “gift-ready” lots, similar to our annual Holiday online auction in December, including fine pocket and wristwatches, jewelry and more.

More information will be added as this auction date approaches.

A few highlights already include:

American Pocket Watches:

E Howard & Co, Boston, among the highest grades of series III model 1862 with rayed NI damascene finish, in 18K original hunter case

E Howard & Co, Boston, series VIII, in heavy 14K

E Howard & Co, Boston, series V adjusted, in heavy and unusual 14K

E Howard & Co, Boston, series VII, in heavy 14K

Elgin doctor’s watch in 18K gold

Howard Keystone, series 0, 23J in heavy 14K original hunter

Illinois, Montgomery Ward & Co Special, 24J

Waltham, PS Bartlett, in 14K multicolor

Elgin, 21J, Father Time with winding indicator

Illinois, C&O Special 21J, with dial marked for C&O RR watch inspector Will L Fredeking

Hamilton, 21J, grade 994

Waltham, model 1883, in 14K gold

Illinois, The Railroader, grade 64-S, in low grade 8K gold

Waltham, P S Bartlett, in 14K

Hampden, with very rare “Overland Limited” railroad marking, 21J

Hamilton 23J Railway Special, grade 950, marked Elinvar under the balance wheel

European Pocket Watches:

St Jean, Genève, quarter repeating triple calendar chronograph with moon phase, in 14K rose gold original hunter case

Frères Wiss & Amalric (Geneva ca 1775), verge fusee pendant watch in 18K gold and enamel

Joly à Paris 18K gold & enamel verge fusee

Henry Beguelin, Locle, in 14K gold

J Isaac, Chatham, English verge fusee, in sterling silver

DeBon à Paris, verge fusee in 18K gold


Chronoswiss Timemaster Flyback Chronograph

Patek Philippe manual round

Rolex Oyster Perpetual DateJust Chronometer, ref 16013

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chronometer, ref 1002

Croton Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver

Hamilton Electric Titan, documented wear-test prototype (from the collection of Edward C Fechter, a long-time employee of Hamilton)

Lady’s Tudor Rolex


14K gold card case with sapphire cabochon

Retracting pencil, in gold, ruby & split-pearl, with 1912 presentation


Bracelet in 18K yellow gold composed of six woven chains

Enamel, 14K and pearl wreath pin