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Jones and Horan Auction Team conducts two Live auctions per year, and two OnlineOnly auctions per month specializing in vintage watches, jewelry, coins and clocks.  All Jones and Horan auctions are conducted with No Reserves and No Buyer’s Premium.  And there is No Sales Tax here in New Hampshire.

This is how we got started:

In 1945: George F. Jones was the Manager, and eventual owner, of a 200 acre Dairy farm in Goffstown, NH. He allows his customers to barter their milk bills with items found around the house and barn. His son, George E. Jones, develops an uncanny ability to deal within the Antiques market by helping his dad buy and sell the bartered items.

In 1983: George E. Jones and Patty Horan get married. Patty quits her teaching job, gets her Auctioneer’s license, and the Jones & Horan Auction Team, Inc is born.

In 1985: Tim Decker (1946-2012), a long time friend and founding member, finds a customer who wants to consign his vintage watch collection to one of the Jones and Horan auctions.  Soon after recognizing the potential market, the company diverts all its resources into developing a specialty for Horological items.

In 1987: Marc Bourque joins the Team as a computer consultant. Marc guides the auction house as it launches one of New England’s first websites onto the fledgling World Wide Web.

In 1995: Frank Davis joins the Team as Property Developer. He restores an old barn into a comfortable, efficient office. Nowadays, he heads Inventory Control and is a well-loved consultant on Old Coins and just about everything else.

In 2010: Ryan Fields brings his expertise and superior work ethics as a digital photographer to the Team.

In 2014:  Diana Levesque joins the team full time as Office Manager, Assistant Cataloger and one of the Auctioneers. She is proving to be a gift from above.

In 2015: Jones & Horan conducts their first OnLine Only auction in January.  Soon thereafter, OnLine Only auctions take place twice a month on Thursday, and there are two Live auctions scheduled for the Spring and Fall.  Jones and Horan Auction Team sells vintage watches, jewelry, coins and clocks to clients from all over the world with gross sales of about three million.

In 2016: Fred Hansen, a second generation watch collector who started at the ripe old age of eight, brings his thirty years of expertise and experience to the Team as Cataloger, Consultant, and Expert in American pocket watches.

In 2017:  Marc Bourque, who has been working with us part-time for thirty years,  joins the Team full-time as computer consultant.


Online Auctions

“Watchfulness Horology & Jewelry”

August 10-17 *This auction has ended. You may view prices realized.


September 7-14


October 12-19


October 26 - November 2


November 9-16


November 23-30

Live Auctions

Sunday, May 21, 2017 – Horological Collections and Jewelry at Live Auction

*This auction has ended. Next Live Auction takes place on Sunday, October 1, 2017.

Sunday, October 1, 2017 Live Auction

Sunday, October 1, 2017 Radisson Hotel 700 Elm St. Manchester, NH 03101


Live Auctions

May I bid online during the Live Auction?

No, however you may submit bids using our in-house online absentee bidding system up to 24 hours prior to the auction.  Click here: online absentee bidding.

May I bid using the telephone during the Live Auction?

Yes, on lots with estimates of $1,000 and above.

Arrangements must be made NO LATER THAN 5 days prior to the auction and only if we have staff phone bidders available.  Telephone bids are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Please note:  We offer this free service as a convenience to our clients, but will not be responsible for errors or failures to execute bids.  Bidders are encouraged to attend the auction in person, and bid for themselves.

Can you ship my purchases?

Yes, we can ship your small items if needed.  Large items will be the responsibility of the buyer, but Jones & Horan will assist whenever possible.  Shipping cost (including insurance) will be included on your invoice.
Here is a general guideline on what to expect for shipping:

  • For auction purchases totaling under $1,000, we generally ship USPS Priority Mail, insured, signature required.
  • For all other auction purchases, we generally ship FedEx 2nd day (or FedEx Priority International), insured, signature required.
Insurance will always be purchased unless requests to the contrary are received in writing.
There are additional fees for one day mail.
If you have a preference as to shipper, please contact us as soon as possible after receiving notification of your winning bids.
It is your responsibility to tell us if you will be traveling or otherwise unable to sign for the delivery, or if you wish to have your purchase shipped to an address other than the one on your invoice.Note:  Shipping is free for domestic customers for our Online-Only Auctions only, not for our Live Auctions.

What payment methods does Jones & Horan accept for their Live Auctions?

Cash, Check or Bank Wire Transfers – No Credit Cards accepted. No Paypal.

Note:  Paypal is an acceptable method for our Online-Only Auctions only, not for our Live Auctions.

There is No Buyer’s Premium or Sales Tax.

New clients, please call 603-623-5314 or e-mail pat@jones-horan.com to set up your account.

What are the Terms regulating the Live Auction?

  1. There is No Buyer’s Premium and No Sales Tax. Click Here For Video: The Jones & Horan “No Buyer’s Premium Advantage”
  2. Absentee bids will be executed as a convenience to customers when possible. Please see our Leave Bid page for more instructions on how to bid if you cannot attend the auction. Payment is due within 10 days of receiving invoice. The auction house will not be held responsible for any errors or failures to accurately execute bids. Bidders are strongly encouraged to attend the sales in person.
  3. All floor bidders must sign in with the clerk and receive a bidder number. Payment is due by the end of the auction. The auction house reserves the right to hold property until check clears and to refuse to register questionable clients.
  4. Cameras are allowed only upon authorization by the auction house. We thank you for respecting our customers’ privacy!
  5. The auctioneer has the sole right to settle disputed bids and decide whether or not to re-offer the lot, and the record of sale kept by the auction house will be taken as final in the event of any dispute. The auctioneer reserves the right to reject an opening bid that, in his or her opinion, is not commensurate with the value of the lot.
  6. The auctioneer will not be liable for default by either the buyer or the vendor. We will witness against any default should legal action be necessary.
  7. Payment may be made by cash, check or bank wire transfer. No credit cards.
  8. In no instance will we ever sell, rent or disclose your personal information to any third party unless directed by a court of law.
  9. Statements by us in the catalog or made orally are statements of opinion and are not to be relied on as statements of fact. Such statements do not constitute warranty or assumption of liability by us of any kind. They are for guidance only and items should be evaluated by the bidder.  Returns require that the buyer submits the written opinion of two experts within the field that an error was made in description, before Jones & Horan would agree to cancel the sale.
  10. In the case of an error in description or condition report, please contact Jones & Horan immediately so that this can be resolved.  Jones & Horan has a 30 day maximum return policy.
  11. Jones & Horan Auction Team uses the following bidding increment multiples:
$10 – $200 in $10 increments $1,001 – $2,000 in $100 increments
$201 – $500 in $25 increments $2,001 – $10,000 in $200 increments
$501 – $1,000 in $50 increments $10,001 and above in $500 increments

Can I watch the Jones & Horan Live Auctions as they take place on my computer?

Yes, we broadcast a Live Auction Video over the internet. Just come to our website one hour before the start of the auction, and click on the link that will be posted for you to connect to the broadcast.
Note: You will NOT be able to bid during this Live Auction Video – it will be similar to watching the auction on TV.

My absentee bid should have won that item. Why didn’t it?

  • Two floor bidders vie against one another, and due to the random starting bid, and increments used, they reach the exact amount of your bid. We were not authorized to go another increment for you, so the floor bidder wins it. The employee executing your bid will not jump into the bidding until it has begun, as he is striving to win the item for you at the lowest bid possible.  This means that floor bidders will often get in on the bidding first.  Note:  It is also our policy that bids entered by those attending the auction in person take precedence over absentee bids. We strongly encourage you to attend the auction and place your bids in person!
  • Another bidder submitted the same amount as you, but his bid takes precedence over yours because it was entered sooner.
  • You bid using our on-line system, and your bid was reduced according to the increments as posted.  Please be sure to follow our our posted bid increments when leaving absentee bids.
  • More than one absentee bid was left on the item and the bidding began on you.  The way the increments worked out from there, your high bid landed on another bidder.  Here is a scenario to help explain:  George leaves a bid of $1500 on an item, and Patty left a bid of $1300 on that same item.  Bidding would begin on George at $1400 (one increment above Patty’s high bid).  This means if someone bids the next increment ($1500), George would be out.  Our only other choice would be to start George at his top bid of $1500, which fundamentally means George bid against himself to get to $1500.  It would be as if he bid both $1400 AND $1500.

How can I prevent that from happening in the future?

  • FOOTING THE BID: Some bidders prefer to leave their bids with us and indicate +1 increment.  This gives us a little more flexibility in trying to achieve the winning bid for that bidder.  For example, in the scenario above, George could have left $1500 +1 increment/bid, and we would have been authorized to go to $1600 to win the item.  This method works for some bidders and is something to consider when leaving bids with us.

Note:  Jones and Horan will not be held responsible in any way for any error in executing absentee or telephone bids.  We suggest Bidders plan to attend the auction in person and bid for themselves if possible.

Did you use the full amount of my absentee bid as the first bid when the item was sold?

We may have been forced to if this action was necessary to rightfully eliminate underbidders.  For example, if your high bid was one increment above the second highest absentee bid, we would have to start the bidding on your high bid.   (Please see the answer to the previous question.)

For further clarification on this point, please call us at: (603) 623-5314

How do I leave bids for the Live Auctions if I cannot attend?

You may leave bids in one of three ways (please note DEADLINES):

  • In-house ONLINE absentee bidding for Live Auctions. Deadline: 24 hours before the start of the auction
  • Fill-out And FAX or MAIL our Absentee Bid Form. Deadline: Three days before the start of the auction
  • E-MAIL Deadline: Three days before the start of the auction

Online-Only Auctions

How do I sign up for email updates for your online auctions?

Simply send an email to diana@jones-horan.com requesting to be added to the online auctions email list.

When and how will you ship my purchases? How much does shipping cost?

We will ship upon receipt of payment.

PLEASE NOTE that items will be shipped to the address on your invoice.  If you wish us to ship to a location other than the one on your invoice, please let us know by e-mail or phone before making payment.  Thank you!

DOMESTIC BUYERS: We offer FREE shipping via USPS Priority Mail, signature required, for Domestic Customers for packages valued less than $4,000. All packages are insured. Items will be shipped to the address on your invoice unless you request otherwise by phone or email before making payment.  We also offer FREE via FedEx 2nd day where the value of the package is $4,000 or more. IF YOUR PURCHASE MEETS OR EXCEEDS $4,000 AND YOU DO NOT WANT ITEMS SHIPPED VIA FEDEX, PLEASE NOTIFY US BEFORE MAKING PAYMENT, by phone call or email.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: There will be a modest fee included for shipping internationally. Shipping charges will be included on the emailed invoice to all international customers unless an address in the US is provided.  We will normally ship via USPS Priority Mail in our own boxes.  Where the value is over $2,500, we will ship via FedEx Priority International.  IF YOU DO NOT WANT ITEMS (over $2,500) SHIPPED VIA FEDEX, PLEASE NOTIFY US WHEN MAKING PAYMENT.  We have found FedEx 2nd day to be the most reliable and safe method to ship items and get them through customs.

What payment methods does Jones & Horan accept for their Online-Only Auctions?

Check, Bank Wire Transfer, or Paypal to pat@jones-horan.com. (We are not set up to accept credit card payments.)

We will e-mail you an invoice the morning following the sale, if you are a winning bidder. (Please note that these invoice e-mails often end up in “spam” or “junk” mail folders, so please check there if you have not received one. This is especially true of our clients with gmail e-mail addresses.)

We are not set up to accept credit cards, despite the fact that the “Payment Methods” tab would seem to indicate so. That is a page that is “an overall Hibid account setting” and cannot be removed, according to the programmers. Hibid is the company that hosts our auctions on their website.

What are the Terms regulating the Online-Only Auction?

No Buyer’s Premium.  No Sales Tax.  No reserves.  Free domestic shipping. 

All descriptions are guaranteed with a 10-day return privilege.

Payment is due upon receipt of the bidder invoice the following morning.  The auction house reserves the right to hold property until payment clears and to refuse to register questionable clients.

The auctioneer will not be liable for default by either the buyer or the vendor. We will witness against any default should legal action be necessary.

We reserve the right to cancel and/or reopen the auction in the case of system failures.

Can I “snipe” lots by bidding at the last second before the item ends?

Yes, but this is dependent on the speed of your internet connection and the device you are using.

Also, please be aware that this bidding system is not as responsive as some other online auction forums with which you may already be familiar.  If you attempt to bid in the very last seconds, there is a possibility the system will not recognize your bid in time and you will lose out on winning that lot.  Please allow yourself enough time to get your bid in before the lot closes.

Can other bidders see my identity when I bid?

It is possible for other bidders to see your User name when you bid depending on your chosen settings when you first created your account.   If you DO NOT want people to see your User name, you can hover your cursor over your name at the top (with the little arrow next to it) and a drop-down box will appear.  Select “Account Info,” and when that page loads, check the box towards the bottom that says “Hide Username From Public.”  Click the button at the bottom that says “Save Account Info,” and you are now incognito.

My account log-in information did not work. What is wrong?

You will need to do an initial registration process (set up user name and password and supply name, address, phone, etc.) EVEN IF you have already done so before with Jones & Horan.  (Our online auctions are hosted by another company called Hi/Bid, and we do not have access to your account with them.)

To set up an account, click “Log In/New Bidder” and then select “Click here if you are a new bidder” and follow all prompts.

Both Live and Online-Only Auctions

Can you explain your grading system and what your abbreviations mean?

Yes!  Please click here for more information on our Grading System and click here for our Key to Abbreviations.

Are watches tested for accuracy in timekeeping prior to the sale?

No.  We do not guarantee timekeeping or warrantee future performance.  When we state a watch is in Good Running Order (GRO), that only means that the balance and escapement are performing in healthy fashion and without apparent defect.  Unless otherwise noted, our timepieces are not serviced by us, and we do not know when they were last serviced from our sources.  We do our best to indicate any potential problems or needs for repair.

Are watches serviced prior to sale?

No, in the majority of cases.

In the case where service was performed on the watch, such as a new battery installed in a wristwatch, that will be noted in the condition report.  If it is not stated, assume we are selling the watch just as it came to us, which is the case 99% of the time.

How do I consign items to a Jones & Horan auction?

Just simply call us or send an email!

Jones & Horan is always seeking quality timepieces either for consignment or for outright purchase and would love to hear from you, whether you are looking to sell a single piece or an entire collection.  Our flexible consignor rates are tailored to your needs and to the type and quality of your consigned items.

Our typical consignment rates are:

17% for Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Coins valued over $5,000
20% for Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Coins valued under $5,000
25% for Tools and Materials

We charge no buyer’s premium, there is no state sales tax, and there are no “hidden” fees.  Cash advances available on consignments.  We are fully insured, and can make arrangements to travel to pick up.  Our outstanding team of experts is ready for your call or email.

We are also interested in purchasing collections outright, if you would prefer.

(603) 623-5314

Will Jones & Horan hold auction items for me for more than 10 days, without my paying for them?

Sorry, but the answer is No. If you are not prepared to pay promptly for our auction items, you are not welcome to bid with us.

International Buyers

Will Jones & Horan pay the International Import taxes?

No.  Any taxes generated by the Auction Sale will be paid by the Buyer, not Jones & Horan.

Will Jones & Horan change the values on shipping statements for overseas Buyers?

No.  Any statements generated by Jones & Horan will reflect the values achieved at the auction.


How do I sign up for the store updates email list?

Simply send an email to diana@jones-horan.com requesting to be added to the store email list.